At an early age, I began painting nature as most people expect,
as scenic views. But that did not express what my experience growing up meant to me. Scenic views did not express the peace, the feel of the wind or the world I experience under water.


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Hi, I'm Margie.

Using photos I take of ground to remind me of my feelings, I try to recreate this for others in my painting. In these paintings I invite the viewer to see their own dreams.

Though my paintings are nominally of minute settings in nature, they are an abstraction of nature.  I try to transform reality—biopsies, if you will, that capture a moment.  Up close I see details, which upon distancing myself, become decaying leaves, a stick or a frozen pond.  These details are forms woven together, crawling, one over another, forms that can separate, move off, little creatures intent on individual activities or forms that ooze together to become creeping masses with only one purpose;  forms triggered by my emotions and dreams.  I also like to use color to express the feelings I would like to express.  So though the color is based on nature I shade them to a more intense version of nature’s palate.  This is the basis of my expression.  It is determined wholly by my perceptions.  My canvass is that which allows vent for this expression. 

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