visit to the Frist

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I went to the Frist Art Center yesterday in Nashville, TN.  The 2 exhibits the Frist have currently, Norman Rockwell and 30 Americans, work well together.  I am only sorry I did not have as much time as I wished to peruse the 30 Americans.  A lot of the work in that exhibit needed much more contemplation time.  One that struck me immediately as working well with the Norman Rockwell exhibit was a Duchamp type piece.  An old carpet, from the artist’s grandmother’s home, was hung on the wall.  Others were centered more obviously on race than most of Norman Rockwell’s mainstream art.  I also enjoyed  many of the works on a pure visual level, the colors and the textures.   Rockwell uses humor more than could be seen in the 30 Americans, plus it is much easier to see Rockwell’s intent.  I recommend a visit to the Frist.